The Green Movement


How can SRCI help you go green?

Today many property buyers are interested in “going green” and adopting a less-is-more mindset in light of increasing news about climate change and damage to the Earth’s fragile ecosystems.

There are many points to consider in searching for or selling a green home.  Nationally recognized certifications such as LEED and EnergyStar offer buyers confidence that their homes are energy-efficient.  Details such as types of insulation, sources of building materials, heating & energy systems, types of windows and even the design of the landscape and floor-plan all help homes stand-out to the green-minded property buyer.


Steele Realty Consultants have expert training in green-design and can help buyers understand what to look for and what to ask for in a home or investment property.


For Sellers, Steele Realty Consultants will know how to highlight and target-market the green features in your home or building, attracting confident buyers willing to pay more for green design features.

Want to join the trendy Tiny-House movement? 

Steele Realty Consultants know what’s on the market in Rhode Island and Southern New England!  Come to us first and let us find you your tiny dream home.

Or maybe you want to build it yourself? 

Buying undeveloped land, whether in the city or out in the country, can be a complicated process.  Let the experts and Steele Realty Consultants be your guide to finding the perfect property at the right price.


What Is Green Building?

A residence or commercial structure built “green” promotes energy conservation through design and uses environmentally friendly construction products in a sensible way.  The result is a healthier living or work environment enhanced by smart upgrades like air filtration systems, cellulose insulation and solar water heaters.


Why The World Is Going Green

Until recent years, location, aesthetics and investment potential were a homebuyer’s primary considerations when selecting a new home. However, the state of the national economy has caused homebuyers’ interests to shift. The rising prices of energy and fuel has increased concern about everyday living expenses as well as the long-term availability of resources. Buyers now also consider the operating costs of homes, the proximity of a home to their work, and the overall efficiency of a home’s utility systems.

In addition to the current state of the economy, awareness around the health and thriving of the Earth’s natural ecosystems has increased significantly in recent years as the scientific community’s concerns about the effects of climate change have reached the public spotlight. More and more people believe now is the time for us all to do our part, individuals and nations alike, to preserve natural resources and show respect for the intricacy of Earth’s life-giving ecosystems.


Why Home Buyers Should Consider Joining The Green Movement

Financial Benefits: Energy efficient home systems including high efficiency water heating systems, high efficiency heating and cooling equipment, and renewable energy sources such as solar lighting, all saving a homeowner or property investor money on utility bills.
Physical Health Benefits: Green homes utilize fresh air ventilation systems and high performance filtration systems that provide for better quality air in the home.  This can be great benefit to individuals suffering from allergies and asthma.
A more structurally sound home: Green buildings utilize tighter construction methods and high performance windows, reducing drafts in the home. Improved moisture control plans for both the home’s interior and exterior reduce the likeliness of mold. Green homes are designed with surface water management in mind, reducing the potential for problems caused by improper drainage around a home.
Environmental Benefits: Green homes consume approximately 30% less energy and water than non-green homes. Less construction waste is generated during the construction of a green home and more environmentally friendly products are used. Other green designs, including green roofs, actively contribute back to the environment

Green Home Benefits To Sellers And Builders: Better performing, “planet-friendly” green homes are gaining a public reputation of being higher-quality homes than non-green homes. Sellers and builders alike are beginning to take advantage of this growing market for green products.

Back in 2006, the National Association of Home Builders conducted a survey of their builder members regarding green building. The survey showed that 50% of their membership stated that they planned to build green homes in 2006. That number continues to increase every year.
Green homes stand out in the market, and can be marketed at a higher price than non-green homes. It makes economic sense for buyers to spend slightly more on a green home as opposed to a non-green home because of the long term financial benefits to owning one. In early 2008, the CoStar group reported that Green buildings command rent premiums of $11.33 more per square foot and sell for an average of $171 more per square foot that non-green buildings.