Property Management

Property Management

Victorian HouseOur property management services include rental property services, from student housing to high-end accommodations, as well as condominium association management. As with our general real estate services, we appreciate every property’s unique challenges and possibilities and we pride ourselves in our ability to capitalize on, and improve upon every property’s distinct attributes.

Our aim is to simplify your property ownership and substantially minimize the time requirements it often demands of you. We will improve the ascetic, functionality and quality of every property under our care and maximize its’ market value and occupants’ quality of life.

1. Preliminary enforcement of all state, housing and owner rules and regulations, and, if required, provide referral for legal action.

2. Handle all non-resident landlord required filing ($35.00 state imposed fee)

3. Advise the owner with respect to capital planning and expenditures as needed, and on professional consultants and fees, including legal counsel, insurance brokers, appraisers, survey companies, accounting firms, auditors, contractors.

4. Provide advice to owner with respect to maintenance of common property, emergency repairs as required, general status of equipment, landscaping and snow removal, garbage removal, housekeeping.

5. Provide advice with respect to major contractual work which may be required.

6. Arrange for repairs, maintenance, upkeep requirements, and emergency response.

7. Management of all contracts relating to common areas, as well as handling preparation of bid specifications and receiving quotes on related work.

8. Conduct monthly onsite inspections of all common areas.

9. A quarterly letter will be prepared and sent to owner highlighting any issues or concerns, describing the nature of upcoming repairs or unforeseen expenses.

10. Provide expertise in general real estate investment matters, including compliance with local state laws and ordinances.

11. Dispute resolution between tenants.

12. Handle annual fire and co-detector battery replacement and fire safety compliance enforcement.

13. Keep the owner informed of new or proposed legislation affecting the Property or investment properties generally.

14. Ensure proper conspicuous posting of Emergency Contact instructions and other required postings.

15. Be the preliminary point of contact with all tenants and maintenance contacts when issues arise.