Today’s savvy investor is looking to diversify their portfolio of assets while producing meaningful returns on investment. Real estate is increasingly sought after as a key element in any sophisticated investment strategy. High net worth individuals and institutions often allocate a portion of their short and long-term balance sheet to real estate properties. The advantages are numerous: passive cash-flow, appreciation, equity buildup. Not to mention the tax benefit of utilizing depreciation to decrease your taxable income.

SRCI Group understands the priorities and risks for a real estate investor seeking to purchase. We provide a suite of services catering exclusively to the investor including but not limited to:

-Development of strategy tailored to your interests and background

-Referrals to qualified lenders, contractors, and property managers

-Buying/selling investment properties

-Analysis and segmentation of the local markets by asset class

-Financial modeling with local property, tax, and other expenses data


We have a passion to serve the real estate investor. Partner with us for successful outcomes.

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