table compass close up resizedAs professional consultants collectively experienced in all aspects of real estate, our team is always committed to providing a thorough needs analysis to all clientele, and only afterward offering responsible options to address those needs. Unlike the industry norm, persuasive tactics have no place at our company. Our mission is to provide expert advice and to serve your best interests. It is never simply to “sell.” In order to share our services with a broader pool of consumers, and to reach consumers who don’t like the current industry system, our consultation services and compensation alternatives provide a tailored fit to every clients’ particular situation.

Consultation Services Include:

■ Sell or Renovate Consultation $ Analysis

■ Transaction Facilitation Services

■ Broker Price Opinion Services

■ Investment Profitability/use analysis

■ Distressed Sale Services and Short Sale Negotiation

■ Auction Services

■ Home Staging Consultation

■ Renovation/Restoration Estimates

■ Property Tax Abatement Consultation

■ Worldwide Referral Network Matching